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    Furniture Drawer Slides

    We provide a vast assortment of drawer slides for different residential and office uses.

    • The closed lengths of our furniture drawer slides range up to 550mm (as a residential drawer is usually no more than 600mm long).
    • Common widths for furniture drawer slides are 27mm, 35mm, 40mm, etc.
    • Special features are available in push-to-open, self-close, soft-close, double-extension, and more.

    Featured Furniture Drawer Slides

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    Industrial Drawer Slides

    Industrial drawer slides are extra heavy-duty slides that can be applied to massive equipment such as manufacturing machines, moving screens, monitors, or tools on a workstation.

    • Slides of three members or more allow longer slide extension.
    • Common thicknesses include 2.5mm and 3.0mm.
    • The width of an industrial drawer slide is usually above 50mm.

    Featured Industrial Drawer Slides

    Fully Custom Possibilities

    Waliton telescopic slides come in many sizes, types, and variations to meet your specific needs.

    • Extensions

      Slides that use two members can provide partial extension, and those that use three members can provide full or over extension.

    • Loadings

      To bear weight from a few pounds to over half a ton, Waliton slides are available in light-, medium-, heavy, extra heavy-duty slides.

    • Mountings

      Most slides come in one of two arrangements, side mount, and (concealed) undermount.

    • Functions

      To maximize versatility, we engineer slides with special features such as self-close, soft-close, lock-in/out, and push-to-open.

    • Finishes

      Waliton provides four coated finishes placed over metal slide members: clear zinc, yellow zinc, black electric dipping, or nickel.

    Slide Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

    With nearly two decades' experience and expertise, Waliton has the capacity to offer the ideal slide solutions for your industry.

    Tried & True Performance

    Our products are tested to meet or exceed international standards. We also provide custom and vibration testing per request.

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    Customize Telescopic Slides to Your Specifications

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