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Furniture Drawer Slides

We provide a vast assortment of drawer slides for different residential and office uses.

  • The closed lengths of our furniture drawer slides range up to 550mm (as a residential drawer is usually no more than 600mm long).
  • Common widths for furniture drawer slides are 27mm, 35mm, 40mm, etc.
  • Special features are available in push-to-open, self-close, soft-close, double-extension, and more.

Featured Furniture Drawer Slides

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Industrial Drawer Slides

Industrial drawer slides are extra heavy-duty slides that can be applied to massive equipment such as manufacturing machines, moving screens, monitors, or tools on a workstation.

  • Slides of three members or more allow longer slide extension.
  • Common thicknesses include 2.5mm and 3.0mm.
  • The width of an industrial drawer slide is usually above 50mm.

Featured Industrial Drawer Slides

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