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TV Lifter

Being an essential part of the TV lifting system, Waliton double-extension slides can easily hide away a large TV when it's not in use, effectively minimizing space. Other uses: a cabinet at end of the bed, conference room furniture, or training facilities.

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Concealed Wardrobe Mirror

A mirror is close company to a wardrobe, and Waliton telescopic slides can allow a mirror to easily move into a wardrobe. Our slide solutions are custom designed and can fit well into your projects. Matching finishes: clear zinc, yellow zinc, black electric dipping, or nickel.

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Smooth Functioning

Waliton's telescopic runners are tested for a total of 20,000 or 50,000 cycles to ensure endurance and matchless high-performance. They can stay in good working condition for a lifetime.

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Load Bearing

Waliton offers telescopic slides in varying load capacity, suitable for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications in wooden furniture and cabinets.

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