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Heavy-Duty Slides in a Welding Machine

A welding machine has strict requirements for the flexibility and precision of the sliding system. Waliton ball-bearing slides, which are composed of high-quality steel balls, rails and delicate accessories, can guarantee precise and efficient motion.

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Production Equipment

Production facilities are often humid environments or in contact with corrosive agents. Waliton aluminum slides offer great corrosion resistance, in need of low maintenance. To adapt to industrial uses, our slides are built of thicker and wider metal strips to provide higher load capacity.

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High Load Capacity

Each member of our industrial telescopic slides is at least 2.5mm thick and 50mm wide, some are even above 70mm wide to fit into massive industrial machinery. Waliton can custom design extra heavy-duty slides for your industrial project.

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Reliable Driving Mechanism

Waliton manufactures ball bearing slides. These slides feature lubricated bearings that allow low-friction movement even under the heavy weight of massive machines. The driving mechanism of ball bearings has distinguishing characteristics of high-speed and high-precision motion.

Our Customizable Machine Slides

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