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  • Large components & assemblies

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Mini-Sized Slides in an ATM machine

An ATM machine is an easy-to-operate system, but only accepts telescopic slides that are exceptionally narrow and short. Waliton designs a new mold and builds mini-sized slides with uncompromised loading capacity.

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Slides with Extra Accessories in a Recreational Machine

A recreational machine has special installation requirements for its slides. Waliton's design team skillfully tailors our exiting slides to the machine's specifications, added with specifically located installation holes and extra accessories.

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Heavy-Duty Lock-In / Lock-Out Slides

A massive server system is in need of extra heavy-duty slides with a special lock-in/lock-out feature. Waliton crafts unique custom slide designs, and we test the slides' functionality in our laboratory to ensure we provide an ideal solution.

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Supported by Innovative Engineers

Waliton's innovative engineers have a wealth of industry experience. Their experience and expertise always enable them to provide a satisfied, custom slide solution for any type of machines.

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Reliable Load Capacity

For heavy-duty applications in automation and machinery industries, Waliton uses thickened materials to build slides. Our products also undergo rigorous testing to ensure weight-bearing capacity.

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