Raw Material Inspection

Waliton's quality control process all starts from the raw materials. We make sure our slides are made from eligible hardened cold rolled steels and aluminum.

  • The material's width, thickness, and hardness are built with consistency and up to international standards.
  • For ball bearing, the steel balls are of smooth surface and optimum size.


Raw materials are made into shaped blanks through machining processes like roll forming and punching.

  • Making sure the blank is rolled in uniform thickness.
  • Punching in the accurate location with holes of appropriate size.
  • Slide rivets need to be flat and smooth.
  • Machinery equipment: rolling machines, pressing machines, riveting machines.

Surface Treatment

Through electroplating or electrocoating, our slides are covered with a layer of protective coating, which offers the slides greater corrosion resistance.

  • Available finishes: clear zinc, yellow zinc, black electric dipping.

Kit Assembly

Assembling the slide kits with the necessary accessories.

  • Ensuring smooth opening and closing action.
  • Machinery equipment: automatic assembly machines, semi-automatic assembly machines.

Final Inspection & Packaging

We use measurement tools, such as vernier calipers and micrometers, to double-check that all specifications are up-to-standard.

  • Then, the products are packaged and ready to be shipped around the world.
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