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Extendable Tables

Waliton offers slide solutions of unlimited extension length to suit different customer requirements. The double-extension feature gives more flexibility and provides direct access from either side of the table. The automatic-lifting feature represents advanced technology and mechanism, also adding an aesthetic appeal to today's modern home.

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Kitchen Cabinets

For residential applications such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, Waliton offers slides that provide strong resistance to moisture and corrosion. Heavy-duty to support large loads. Full-extension or over-travel slides provide easy access to contents in the cabinet. Special features include soft-close and two-way travel.

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Waliton products can withstand high temperatures in appliances like dishwashers. Constructed of heat- and corrosion-resistant materials. Durable and lasting finishes include zinc and nickel. Adaptable to a vertical adjustment feature.

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For home uses like closet drawers, shelves, trays, baskets, bins, and the like, Waliton telescopic slides are available in varying weight-bearing capacity. Partial extension, full extension, over extension Side mount, under mount

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Rust Resistant

Waliton's telescopic slides are typically used in corrosive environments like kitchen and bathroom cabinets due to being made of corrosion-resistant materials, which pass long hours of salt-spray testing.

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Smooth Functioning

Waliton's telescopic runners are tested for a total of 20,000 or 50,000 cycles to ensure endurance and matchless high-performance. They can stay in good working condition for a lifetime.

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Load Bearing

Waliton uses thickened materials to build heavy-duty slides. They are fit for heavy-duty residential applications like kitchen cabinets, utensil drawers, and more.

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